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Little Palace Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio – Review!

If you live in Columbus, Ohio, but not only, you most likely know the cozy place at 240 S. Fourth Street. Little Palace has been a landmark for this area, being the go-to place in Downtown Columbus for several years. Of course, as it is the case with several businesses, Little Palace changed several owners, while his amenities and menus suffered slight changes. Anyhow, even though it was revamped and there are plenty of new items on their menu, we still love this place. So, read on to discover our review of the Little Palace Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio is the home to a lot of great companies: Abercrombie & Fitch, Rogue Fitness, Big Lots…even Covington Credit, at one point.

The Little Palace Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, has an interesting design and flair. You will see here plenty of locals, but it is not unusual for tourists to stop here either. The reputation of this local restaurant reached several sites, including Tripadvisor and Yelp. As such, many recommend stopping here, no matter if you are on a road trip or not.

It is worth noting that the Little Palace is both a Restaurant and a Bar. Its 1960s look makes it look like you’ve stepped back in time. And as you might expect, you can sit and enjoy a delicious slice of pizza or a sub no matter the time of the day. This place is open for lunch, dinner, and late at night, making it the go-to place for any time of outing. We do believe this is a family-friendly venue, but at the same time, it can be an excellent place to celebrate with your friends.

The Little Palace Restaurant provides access to a wide array of appetizers for starting the meal, such as local fried cheese cruds or fire-roasted meatballs. Anyhow, the cuisine here is varied, meaning you can find authentic American dishes, but you can also enjoy Greek, Italian, or several other international dishes.

It is a locally-owned place by a small group of friends, which adds a lot to the ambiance. Everything in the Little Palace is done from the heart, and they do take a closer look to small details.


The Little Palace has several facilities, which makes it the best pub and bar in the area. As an example, you can benefit from:

Happy hours special prices
Take-out services (without delivery)
Bike and car parking
Outdoor seating
Vegan dishes
Several payment options, including Google Pay
Wheelchair accessible

Mostly, the Little Palace is recommended for groups, the best nights to visit being Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Anyhow, there is a downside, this place is rather casual and classy, meaning there is no room for dancing.

Menu: which are the best dishes?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of dishes one can enjoy here, and the best part about it is that you can even benefit from a daily special. So, make sure you ask your waitress about it. Anyway, some of our top recommendations include the following:

Hand-cut fries – one of the most loved American dishes, the hand-cut fires have a place in the Little Palace. And these are indeed hand-cut potatoes, roasted and transformed into the best potato wedges. We do love that the skin of the potato is left on, as it offers a crispier and tastier flavor.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts – well, if you are looking for one-of-a-kind dishes, this is the place in town to start. A refreshing Roasted Brussels Sprouts is serving, which we can say you won’t have anywhere else. Mainly, it consists of legumes coated with oil and roasted thoroughly. It is a great dish to have at dinner, as it might not be enough for a nutritious lunch.

Chicken sandwich – if you love melted cheese, we do suggest you start your day with this sandwich. It is a delicious, four-bite chicken breast slider, mixed with mayo, pickles and plenty of melted cheese. Indeed, this might seem like a standard dish, but it can exceed your expectations, similar to fancier meals on the menu.

Mini meatball – this is one of our favorite traditional sliders. A tiny toasted bun is filled with meatball and topped with tomatoes and cheddar cheese. It is super-tasty, and the tomato is not quite a sauce.

Little Palace Gyro – back in the day, the Little Palace was a Greek restaurant. And we can say that this dish pays homage to the origins of the restaurant. Basically, this is an authentic Gyros recipe from Greece, so you should expect to find in it shaved lamb, tzatziki sauce, and a bit of American ingredients. Overall, it features only fresh ingredients, making it extremely tasty.

The Palace Burger – and if you’ve been to Columbus, Ohio, at least once, you probably heard at least one local talking about the Palace Burger. This is an authentic American dish with homemade beef covered in cheese and served with grilled onions and pickles.

Vegetarian Gyro – of course, if you are a vegetarian, you can request a special dish. Take as an example, this Vegetarian Gyro made from white bean, thyme, quinoa, tzatziki, tomato, and lettuce.

Price range

Mainly, this is a rather affordable pub, and there is almost no item on the menu that exceeds 20 dollars. If we take into account the quality of service and the food served, we can say it offers a lot of value for a small price. The most affordable dish is the Simple Palace Burger with a cost of $3, while the most expensive one is the Strip Steak for $16.

TripAdvisor reviews

There are quite a few positive reviews on TripAdvisor for the Little Palace and Restaurant. And the pace even received the Certificate of Excellence back in 2016. Anyhow, the top ratings from the reviews are:

Food – 4 stars
Service – 5 stars
Value – 4 stars
Atmosphere – 4 stars

As mentioned in several TripAdvisor reviews, the Little Palace Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, has top-notch customer service, along with exceptional cleaning approaches. Many customers underlined the fact that everything here is extremely clean and welcoming. Also, several reviews noted that the ambiance is somewhat unique due to the sturdy old dinner vibe.

Accordingly, to Yelp reviews, the Little Palace is cool, comfortable, and has excellent dishes. And after reading several reviews, we can say that plenty of customers felt like the staff offers exquisite customer service. Everything is served in a timely manner, but, of course, it depends on how many people are visiting the place at the moment. It is a locally-owned business with a small staff, so we do say that the serving time and quality of food exceed expectations.

The verdict

So, the bottom line is that the Little Palace Restaurant is one of the best places in Columbus, Ohio. You can have a nice lunch or a late dinner, but no matter what you opt for, there is always something tasty on the menu. Besides, the portion size is rather large, so you can rest assured you will feel more than full. The Little Palace Restaurant and Bar welcomes you in a friendly and cozy setup, making you feel at home. The interesting décor and the authentic American menu mixed with International dishes, make it a must-see while in town.